The Atheq System for Basketball


Basketball is a unique sport in that it requires speed and quickness, but also vertical explosive power.  Often times this verticality is achieved at the expense of core stability, as we load less efficient muscles, or our flawed movement mechanics create improper loading through the kinetic chain.  The following areas will be addressed via progressive programming developed specifically for the athlete’s particular needs.


  • Jumping mechanics maintaining explosiveness while achieving a less injury prone manner of movement.
  • Landing mechanics to prevent injury.
  • Simple steps to prevent ankle injuries.
  • Movement mechanics to avoid knee injuries while running and cutting.
  • Improved functional strength all over the court.
  • Improved balance and stability with or without the ball.
  • Eliminate common movement errors that can lead to back, knee, and shoulder issues.
  • Improve your shooting percentages with conscious consistently loaded musculature that can be repeated thousands of times.
  • Improved core strength.
  • Improved balance.
  • Improved functional strength.

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