The Atheq System for Football

    Football demands maximum stability under load and contact.  Athletes must be as stable as possible throughout their entire kinetic chain at all times.  Learn fundamental movement principles that you can practice for your entire athletic career.  Football contact, especially at college and pro levels is akin to a car accident.  We must prepare our bodies with that in mind.  Through this program, you will learn the strongest possible position for your body to be in, to prevent injury and promote stable power and speed.

      • Loading mechanics to give you an edge on the line.
      • Loading, athletic stance mechanics for injury prevention at all times including during contact.
      • How to create additional power in your hits through neuromuscular firing techniques and core control.
      • How to accelerate, and how to decelerate using core musculature to prevent limb dominance.
      • How to push and pull to prevent shoulder injuries.
      • How to prevent non-contact knee injuries on the field.
      • Learn how to prevent non-contact low back injuries on the field.
      • Cognitive neuromuscular control to stay properly loaded through your posterior chain, addressing hamstring and low back dominance in your movement and loading patterns.


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