The Atheq System for MMA / Martial Arts

The fundamental principles that create healthy movement can be translated athletically into making you a superior athlete.  Limb dominant striking can be unlearned.  Core dominant striking that adds power and stability to all strikes can be taught.  MMA / Martial Arts is extremely hard on the body, as the body becomes the tool and the weapon in the sport.  The need to protect yourself at all times with proper core utilization, muscle activation techniques, and general movement and posture is essential.


  • Loading mechanics to get you out of primary loading patterns in calves and hamstrings, and into core musculature
  • Jumping and landing mechanics for acrobatic movement to protect your knees and ankles
  • General knee and ankle health principles to prevent injury
  • Striking principles to prevent shoulder and low back issues over time
  • Proper core utilization through mindful activation that will give you an edge on your competition.
  • Postural keys to create greater general stability in your body specific to the sport’s needs.
  • Tools to unload your low back to prevent low back issues in any position.

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