One On One Online Video Sessions


Minimum of 4 sessions are recommended for retention of information and movement checks to make sure mechanics are improving.

    • Movement mechanic essentials to help prevent ankle/knee/low back/shoulder/neck issues.
    • Neuromuscular reprogramming for glute dominant movement.
    • Addressing the importance of posture.
    • Analysis of day to day activities that could be creating issues.
    • Analysis of gait.
    • Breakdown of proper push/pull mechanics (Addressing shoulder stability).
    • Breakdown of proper sit/stand mechanics (Addressing core stability).
    • Custom designed program centered on CNRP (neuromuscular reprogramming) to address muscular imbalances.

      Athletic Video Breakdown


      Minimum submission must include the following in the video. 

      • Walking
      • Running
      • Jumping
      • Cutting
      • Hinging

        • Analysis of movement mechanics and loading mechanics.
          • Addressing core instability and compensation in movement.
            • Analysis of gait.
              • Posture essentials for athletes.
                • Jumping and landing mechanical breakdowns.
                  • A custom designed program to address mechanical issues in movement via CNRP.

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