Restore and Strengthen Body & Mind


Neuromuscular resequencing (NMR) for improved athleticism, injury prevention, and the ability to self correct in real time.


Regulate your nervous system for trauma, triggers, and stress responses.

Master Your Body

The Atheq System of Body Mastery is designed to heal and strengthen the body, while simultaneously improving your nervous system. Changing the autonomic sequencing of muscular activation has the potential to eliminate pain and tension even with chronic/long term physical conditions. Shifting nervous system states can lead to recovery from longstanding trauma and fight/flight patterns. Our goals are to promote physical well-being, prevent injury, improve performance, and help to regulate the central nervous system. We use specific sensory programming, movement mechanics and muscular activation revolving around spinal stability and neuromuscular control. Whether you are a 75 year-old senior or a professional athlete, performance, functional ability, and the state of the nervous system can be improved.

“Before working with Anton, I experienced back pain for years, which I treated with my chiropractor’s routine visits. Since I started working with Anton, I have not experienced any more problems at all.  A true blessing!!! Thanks to Anton, I finally have the tools I need to improve my posture as well – so now it’s up to me.  Anton is incredible, brilliant, and is motivated by challenging opportunities to continue researching and implementing tools to change lives.  I highly recommend Anton Vannelli and his work!!!”

Kathy M. Alpharetta, GA

“I really enjoyed working with Anton. He has such a unique style of work, is passionate about what he does, and is so knowledgeable about the body and trauma responses. I first saw him to help with my breathing after having COVID pneumonia, but found that working with him has also decreased my back and neck pain. I have referred others to him.”

Deborah A. Rogers OTR/L, RYT, CTP

How Does Atheq Work?

Atheq uses specific neuro-sensory reactivation techniques to activate neurologically dormant muscles to rebalance and restore the body. Through this reactivation, we are able to build a foundation in which regulation of the nervous system is possible. The stronger and more connected the body is to the brain, the safer our subconscious minds believe we are. The safer our brains believe us to be, the greater the possibility to completely shut off an overactive fight/flight response and return the nervous system back to a state of regulation.

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Who Is Atheq For?

Atheq can help eliminate physical pain, and reestablish calm and composure in the body and brain. You will learn how to build strength in dormant systems that can raise your body to new heights. Atheq can also greatly improve sports/athletic performance. For those seeking nervous system regulation, Atheq has improved a variety of neurological disorders, including asperbergers, dysautonomia, as well as acute cases of depression and anxiety. If you suffer from long term erratic fight/flight and trauma, I urge you to read some of the articles in the blog section that discuss this in further detail.

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