Rebuilding the body through Cognitive Neuromuscular Re-Patterning™, posture, and movement mechanics for longevity and performance.


Specific movement mechanics, and neuromuscular patterns for improved athleticism, injury prevention, and the ability to self correct in real time.


Improve posture, movement mechanics, and neuromuscular patterns for greater physical wellbeing.

“Before working with Anton, I experienced back pain for years, which I treated with my chiropractor’s routine visits. Since I started working with Anton, I have not experienced any more problems at all.  A true blessing!!! Thanks to Anton, I finally have the tools I need to improve my posture as well – so now it’s up to me.  Anton is incredible, brilliant, and is motivated by challenging opportunities to continue researching and implementing tools to change lives.  I highly recommend Anton Vannelli and his work!!!”

Kathy M. Alpharetta, GA


Master Your Body

The Atheq System is designed to unlock healthy and sustainable postural and movement-based habits that create bio-mechanical efficiency in the human body.  Our goal is to promote physical well-being, prevent injury, and improve performance.  We use principles centered around postural stacking, movement mechanics revolving around spinal stability, and neuromuscular control.  Whether you are a 75 year-old senior or a professional athlete, both performance and functional ability can be improved.

How Does Atheq Work?

Who Is Atheq For?

Athletic Performance

The goal of Atheq is to teach the athlete how to be as athletically stable as possible, closely examining movement mechanics to address potential flaws in the athlete’s neuromuscular programming.

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General Public

Specific programming will be developed to help improve your firing patterns, movement mechanics, and posture. Neuromuscular reprogramming is essential to quickly address compensatory patterns that are leading to muscular weakness/inactivity.

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