I really enjoyed working with Anton. He has such a unique style of work, is passionate about what he does, and is so knowledgeable about the body and trauma responses. I first saw him to help with my breathing after having COVID pneumonia, but found that working with him has also decreased my back and neck pain. I have referred others to him.

Deborah A. Rogers OTR/L, RYT, CTP

Anton Vannelli is a young man, who because of his own injuries, has developed a system that can train muscle groups by using the nerve supply to the muscle to fire correctly and induce proper muscular balance for better body movement.  I have observed his work and I am impressed.  I sign off on his groundbreaking work.

Dr. Jimmie J Whitmire, DC

I am currently an Athletic Trainer. I have been working alongside Anton throughout this program for about four months. Our shared patient has worked between the two of us for most of this time, but recently we have finally had the chance to get together for one session. We have worked all the way from constant low back pain, unable to run or jump without pain, to our patient playing competitive basketball again, gaining strength, and improving their skills as an athlete. During this session, I was very impressed with the amount of internal cues that Anton used and how efficient they were in making INSTANT changes.  As an Athletic Trainer, I tend to lean much more toward external cues within my rehabs.  It was incredible to see how quickly changes were made with this internal focus.  It also seemed to me that our patient was able to learn more about their body’s movements and have better muscle memory with the internal focus.  With this better muscle memory and overall better understanding of their body, they have been experiencing much better control over their musculature and overall movement patterns.  I will be adding more of an internal focus for sure into my daily work with my athletes.  I think this will train them to not only rehab their injury, but also aid them in learning about their own body and learning what works best for them in strengthening and training properly in the future.  

Watching Anton conduct this program on Saturday was awesome!  He has great enthusiasm and passion for this program, and for good reason!  He has aided my patient in better basketball skills (making every shot taken, having a more solid grounding defensively, increasing their speed, and vertical), better core and posterior chain activation capabilities, better lifting/squatting form, and better proprioception/balance all in only four months.  The greatest thing about his work is that he has been able to accomplish ALL of this while keeping his “chronic” low back pain a thing of the past.

Cedar Wilkening, BS, ATC

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