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Nervous system regulation is key to addressing states of trauma. Understanding your fight/flight system and the difference between your parasympathetic system and sympathetic system in real life practice, is an incredibly important step in healing. The exact method to unlock the parasympathetic state, and therefore get out of an over engaged fight/flight response can be difficult to pinpoint. While many practices can have positive impacts, including breathing work/meditation and various therapies or modalities, often we find ourselves stuck.



Because physical pain is a contributor to nervous system dysregulation, the root causes must be determined, greatly reduced, or eliminated, in order to help regulate our central nervous system. The Atheq System is specifically designed to unearth the root causes behind these issues, through simple and natural methods that require no equipment or touch/manipulation. Clients will learn how their own body and brain function, and how to alter these relationships themselves. Muscle/brain connectivity are the prime modes utilized at Atheq.

When our body is pain free, we have the opportunity to start to activate the parasympathetic system more easily. The physical programming created through NMR, such as a newfound ability to do such exercises as the plank without back pain, or a squat without knee pain, allow systems to be strengthened and rebuilt. Through this strength and ability, we can alter the state of the nervous system and introduce reassociative neurological tools to address triggers/trauma/phobia etc. Please see the linked article below for a more thorough explanation of this process Atheq has been able to address early states of trauma, phobias, fears, and triggers successfully and permanently. The tools and methodology to learn how to self-regulate the central nervous system are taught to each Atheq client. Taking daily control over the state of our nervous system is paramount in helping to create a permanent shift towards well being, with the benefit of eliminating unconscious and harmful patterns of fight/flight. Many clients report a massive reduction in triggers, and also being able to control them or eliminate them entirely.

The Atheq System has helped to address the following issues:

    • Sleep
    • Trauma
    • Phobias/fears
    • Fight/flight states
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Fibro
    • Chronic inflammation
    • Tinnitus
    • Nerve pain
    • Muscle tension
    • Muscle spasms
    • Stress related health issues

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