Athletes have incredible functional load requirements placed on their bodies on a daily basis. Atheq gives these athletes the knowledge, direction, and training they need to maximize their potential, while remaining functionally stable enough to help prevent injury.  Addressing acute and even chronic injuries is also possible with Neuromuscular Resequencing (NMR) and the full application of the Atheq System.

A great example of how this reprogramming process works is when I have worked with athletes who have a history of low back pain. Usually this pain is more present on one side of the body. Whatever side of the body the pain is persistent in, is commonly the side that that person’s brain does not trust to load. This is illustrated in multiple ways, but the most telling is when either the obliques or quads refuse to activate to the point of fatigue/burning in a specific exercise. The athlete’s autonomic patterns will simply refuse to allow them to load that portion of their body properly. In efforts to seek safety or protection, the brain simply does not choose to activate and utilize the injured part of the body, thereby creating an even worse long term scenario. This is an entirely subconscious process that can be resolved through NMR and the Atheq System.

Reprogramming can also create greater functional strength, flexibility, and endurance.  This can improve the outcome for any given athlete in whatever sport or activity they are engaged in. Athletes, just like the general public, have compensatory patterns that must be addressed if they are to reach their full potential, while also staying injury free. Like any Atheq program, specific muscular connectivity will be analyzed, and a program will be developed in which each individual can learn how to activate, reprogram and strengthen systems that can address the following areas:


    • Neck
    • Shoulders
    • Hand/wrist
    • Low back
    • Hips
    • Knees
    • Feet/ankles

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