Available Programs For Athletic Performance

Athletes have incredible functional load requirements placed on their bodies on a daily basis.  Atheq gives these athletes the knowledge, direction, and training they need to become more explosive, while remaining functionally stable enough to help prevent injury. 

The goal of Atheq is to teach the athlete how to be as athletically stable as possible, closely examining movement mechanics to address potential flaws in the athlete’s neuromuscular programming.  The athlete can learn how to utilize cognitive neuromuscular techniques to control firing patterns, to help avoid potential injuries while training, and while engaged in their sport in real time. 

Often times, this reprogramming will create greater functional strength, which can lead to improved athleticism in any sport or activity.  Athletes, just like the general public have compensatory patterns that must be addressed.  Like any Atheq program, your posture and overall functional strength will be analyzed, and a program will be developed in which you can learn how to self-correct. 


Highlighted Sports


Basketball requires vertical explosive power, which is often achieved at the expense of joints and ligaments.  Through this program you will learn how to become a more powerful athlete and prevent injury.

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Football is a full contact sport.  Football contact, especially at college and pro levels is akin to a car accident. Through this program, you will learn the strongest possible position for your body to be in.

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MMA / Martial Arts

The body becomes the tool and weapon in the sport, so the need to protect yourself at all times with proper core utilization, muscle activation techniques, and general movement and posture is essential.

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