For All Ages

      • The Atheq System is for everyone, of all ages, of all athletic ability.
        • The foundational principles and concepts utilized throughout Atheq can be utilized for improving posture and stabilizing the body to prevent and even in some cases manage, specific physical issues.
          • The Atheq System also has incredible benefits for every level of athletics, from junior to the professional level.
            • Through learned movement mechanics and neuromuscular re-patterning techniques, anyone can learn methods, techniques, and specific targeted exercises to improve their physical wellness, and ability.
              • Many of the principles of Atheq are rooted firmly in exercise science and functional anatomy, with adaptations to make them more accessible to the general public.
                • Atheq does not replace the ever present need for medical professionals, either in the physical therapy or chiropractic space.
                  • Atheq seeks to work hand in hand with medical professionals to provide the best possible health outcomes.


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