Atheq was created out of necessity. When I was 25, I was in a very serious car accident that left me with chronic back pain and sciatica. I had been an athlete all of my life. I was told that I would never walk again if I did not turn to surgery, and that my chances of playing sports again were zero. I was told I had the back of an 85 year old man via MRI and medical diagnosis. I experienced life altering sciatic pain every day. I could barely walk at times. I suffered for years, it impacted my ability to work, and it impacted my mental health. I tried multiple therapies, chiropractors, yoga, etc. Everything had a brief positive impact, but I would never be able to get out of pain. I devoted my life to solving my own health issues. One day, about 5 years later, I was able to take control.

My goal for my clients is to be able to do the exact same. The ability to physically self-empower oneself is exactly why I founded Atheq. I am now 33, and in total control of my health from day to day, in regard to my chronic back pain. I have also been able to eliminate my neck, shoulder, and knee pain as well. I have had multiple clients that now have incredibly similar stories. I am now pain free. How did I do it? The method and mechanics of activation that I would piece together throughout my journey, that explained and solved my problems, has now become the main programming of the Atheq System. Throughout my journey I studied for years, carefully analyzing the work of Dr. Stuart McGill, Dr. Starrett, and many other highly respected professionals in the field. I would experiment with concepts similar to the ones taught in fields of physical therapy, fitness, and kinesiology, with my own broken body, and be able to test the results of my work. Some tests worked, and some would create sciatic issues that would persist for months. Still… my health improved. I was encouraged. And then I had a breakthrough.

This breakthrough consists of three things:

    • Neuro connectivity techniques centered on muscular activation of neurologically dormant areas.
    • Using reprogrammed neuro patterning to unlock pain and tension free movement.
    • Neuromuscular Resequencing (NMR) to help regulate the nervous system.

    Combining elements of all of the above was the answer. My health improved dramatically. My athleticism returned. I started playing sports again, pain free. I was able to clear the state of my nervous system as well, impacted from years of trauma and pain. I created Atheq to share what I have learned. Atheq also represents a deep personal passion of mine.

    Pain and dysfunction can change people. It changed me. Going through the pain and hardship of what I endured led my life in a completely unexpected direction. It created an intense passion for helping others. It is this passion that drives me ever forward, constantly obsessed with learning new techniques, and when necessary, creating new techniques in the pursuit of health and physical well-being. I know what it is like to hurt with every step, and to feel like my body has betrayed me. I also know what it is like to come back from that precipice, inch by cautious inch, and regain function and health. This is why my passion runs so deep. I have lived it. I have come back from it. It is my hope that you can as well.

    As a lifelong athlete I can only shake my head at the things I wish I would have known from a young age that would have changed my life. I know that if I would have had the knowledge that I do now, I could have pursued athletics as a career. Instead, I dealt with ankle, knee, and back issues even before my car accident, that constantly held me back. I know that while this opportunity passed me by, it is not too late for others. I am passionate about human potential, because I see unrealized potential and dysfunction on a day by day basis. I am passionate about helping others realize this potential by giving them the knowledge and programming on how to build incredibly stable physical foundations. This stable foundation is the key stone on which we can build strength that maintains stability and muscular balance, and therefore reduces chance for injury.

    For those seeking to physically or mentally rebuild, and take back their life from dysfunction, pain and trauma, I invite you to explore the Atheq System. For those seeking performance, and the knowledge and ability to understand their body and mind in a powerful way, I invite you to explore the Atheq System. I invite you to join me, at any age, in your path to Body Mastery.


    Anton Vannelli – Atheq Founder

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