What Anton Vannelli has created here should be taught in Physical Education classes all around the world! I came to him with massive lower back pains as to where if I wasn’t laying down flat I was in pain! Now I was lucky because with his extensive knowledge on the matter he knew exactly what was wrong and what I needed after the first session I was already relieved of some pain. Then after each week, each session, not only did he relieve some pain but taught me even more. Things that I was taught on how to sit, my posture, etc, were the leading issues that got to where I was. After 2 months, I am like how I was before and even better! I cannot wait to continue expanding on other areas and getting my mind blown! *explosion sound!*

Valentine Lan

After suffering through a lower back injury for the last three years, I had the good fortune of meeting Anton.  Any skepticism that I went into the meeting with was gone by the end of the first session.  I’m a logical guy so the human brain is fascinating to me.  His explanation of re-mapping my brain to fire the proper muscles to counteract the overcompensation by my lower back was intriguing.  He expressed his theory and laid out a plan to correct the imbalance.  Throughout my sessions with Anton, I experienced several moments of disbelief over how he was able to analyze and then alleviate my discomfort when a spasm would occur.  His understanding of the human body and mind impressed me.  What was even more impressive was the detail of his analysis after each session and the corresponding action plan.  I never felt as if the plan was copied and pasted from a master program.  It was so customized and specific to my situation that it felt as if I was his only client (which, based on his successful practice is certainly not true).  On top of that, he regularly reached out between sessions to check in on me.  He truly cares about the people he is dedicated to helping.  
My biggest takeaway from my sessions with Anton………his plan worked!!!  I’m able to do any physical activity that I want with confidence and any resulting discomfort afterward can be mitigated by the techniques I learned from him.  If my body ever fails me again, I’m calling Anton.  
Jason M.

Anton is a “Miracle Worker” he has helped me when I needed it the most. I had gotten a new extremely physical job and it was taking its toll on me with my back. I only needed about 3-4 meetings to fix my pain and soreness because what he does and knows works. Now at work I don’t feel any pain at all no matter what I lift within reason as long as I follow the process I can lift it safely and confidently. The thing that takes the longest is either waking up to the fact that Anton is your only REAL solution, not some temporary solution that you need to do every other 2 months or the fact that when the pain is gone it’s real, welcome to the reality of the Atheq existence.

Brody N.

I have been aware of Anton and Atheq System since he started his business in 2018. I was fortunate to attend a live demonstration and a one day workshop with Anton and was extremely impressed with what he had to say. It wasn’t until COVID hit in the spring of 2020 and I was in Oregon that I reached out for a personal session. I was experiencing excruciating back pain and felt very confident that Anton could help. Through my initial virtual online visit with Anton, I immediately moved much more effectively without pain. I had several additional sessions with Anton to educate me on my problem and teach me what I needed to know to build up muscle groups, specifically my glutes and abdomen, that had not been working correctly.  Within a few sessions, I had what I needed to continue working on my own. Before working with Anton, I experienced back pain for years, which I treated with my chiropractor’s routine visits. Since I started working with Anton, I have not experienced any more problems at all.  A true blessing!!! Thanks to Anton, I finally have the tools I need to improve my posture as well – so now it’s up to me.  Anton is incredible, brilliant, and is motivated by challenging opportunities to continue researching and implementing tools to change lives.  I highly recommend Anton Vannelli and his work!!!

Kathy M. Alpharetta, GA

I have suffered from lower back pain in my sacral joints on and off for years.  In one session, Anton was able to pinpoint specific weak spots that contributed to this pain and give me solid advice on how to strengthen and target those muscle groups.  After working on these weak spots, I have been pain free now for 3 months.  I am hitting PR’s on every muscle group in the weight room as well.

Max. S - Portland, OR

I want to take a moment to thank Anton for allowing me to work with him. I’ve had acute back pain for over 6 months and had to stop my active life of YOGA, RUNNING AND WEIGHTS. During this time I sought help from an Osteopath who treated several professional athletes. He had treated me in the past whenever I would over do my training. To no avail, my doctor sent me for an MRI, well the news was devastating. The diagnosis was 4 herniated discs in my lower back, L1-2,L3-4, L4-5, L5 WAS ALSO WITH ARTHRITIS. I sought help from another well known osteopath to treat me. I have to say after a month it helped, however the news wasn’t good. She stated that I would never run again and that I was limited in activity. This is not what I wanted to hear at age 56, living an extremely active life. I’ve been practicing yoga for seven years and running for 20. I love Tennis and Golf, so to be told I would be limited, really, as if I was 70 years old. I immediately contacted ANTON as I heard many good things about his treatment. After working only one week with him I began noticing less pain. I work as a security guard for major events, concerts, Montreal Canadian hockey games ….so forth. I stand for 7- 8 hours sometimes. Anton gave me a set of exercises and postural changes to do and after 3 weeks I can say that I am 80% better.

My back is heavily damaged, so if ANTON can help me, imagine what he can do for you!!

Ronnie M. - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I have been in pain for 15 years which has caused me great difficulty in movement. When I saw Anton, he taught me in a few minutes how one move could reduce my pain and ease my difficulty in moving. Using the one movement he showed me has increased my ability to move and has reduced the pain I feel when moving. Stepping up onto a curb or going upstairs was nearly impossible for me and now I am able to do both with much more confidence and less fear of falling. I owe that to Anton Vannelli.”

Rhonda F. - Portland, OR

“Personally, he has been able to help me in a lot of ways, made me stronger, the way I walk and my balance, I’m stronger than ever.”

Christian M. - Muldrow, OK

“Anton was able to teach my son about core strength which is so much more important than I ever knew! This is helping him dramatically with his posture, his strength and his balance. I just can’t say enough good about Anton and his ability to teach! If you just want better core strength, better posture, and would like to take care of your hips and your knees and ward off what usually comes with age, contact Anton!!”

Kim M. - Muldrow, OK

“This is a really great program! Anton is very professional, he has a very very good understanding of how the body is supposed to move, and how individual muscles work, as well as a phenomenal eye for postural imbalances and how to correct them. He has a very inspiring story, is very passionate about what he does, and willing to go the extra mile for others. This system will help a ton of people, and as a personal trainer, I would definitely recommend Anton and the Atheq System to anybody!”

Landon S. - Muldrow, OK

“I’ve struggled with knee pain for the past 7 years. In speaking with Anton, his well-analyzed theory of basic mechanics and motor skills to maintain physical health has honestly been a huge improvement to supporting my knees and overall posture. My chiropractor would be especially proud to see these improvements, as well. Throughout the day, you don’t realize the stress of just standing if you’re doing wrong until you start doing it right. Grateful for a place like Atheq providing people knowledge and overall health.”

Jahnna K. - Los Angeles, CA

“After having issues with shoulder impingement for over 5 yrs, I had come to believe that I would just have to live with it and would always be limited with what I could do with my right side. I have been using the ONE change you told me to make, and I am THRILLED to say it has helped so much. When I feel discomfort in that arm now, it reminds me to do what you showed me. Just by remembering the “mirror technique” and doing what you said, just one change and I have immediate relief. When I am consistent with keeping the right posture in check, I actually forget about that arm, and that has not happened in several years. I am hopeful that i can get back to doing some of the things I used to love to do. I would highly recommend Anton to anyone!!”

Leslie B. - Moore, OK

“I’ve dealt with chronic migraines and neck/back pain for as long as I can remember. Within the first couple days of listening to Anton and using his system, the strain in my neck had almost completely gone away and he helped save me from losing a few days to a migraine; I felt the warning signs, contacted Anton, and he gave me more specific pointers that saved me from losing days of productivity. What I thought I would need to spend thousands of more dollars on in a doctors office to remedy was simply fixed by listening to and utilizing his techniques.”

Megan E. - Portland, OR

“I was impressed with Anton’s knowledge of functional movement of the body. My nephew has a traumatic brain injury, and sessions with Anton have helped him make improvements in his walking, balance and general movement. Anton’s system is fairly simple and follows a logical progression. I think he could teach it to anyone. And I think anyone could benefit from his program. Anton works very hard to improve his clients posture, it’s the heart of his program. Want to look younger and free yourself from pain? Let Anton teach you how to improve your posture and move more athletically.
In the end, my nephew did moves he hasn’t been able to do for five years, the pride he felt was enormous. My nephew has had a lot of therapy and coaching in the past, but this was very different. The results were rapid and dramatic. I myself am recovering from a serious knee injury, Anton was very helpful with his technique and advice right from the start , when I contacted him to help me. And he’s nice , and positive, and we feel very blessed to be the recipients of his knowledge and his friendship. Thank you Anton!”

Robyn K. - Springdale, AK

“Anton noticed that I had a knee sleeve on while playing basketball and approached me about whether I had knee problems, when I had just hurt my lateral meniscus. Through what he showed me, I was able to support my knee in athletics to the point where I no longer even noticed my injury! We then got into a deep conversation about spinal mechanics and functional movement as I am a chiropractic student and this is my field of interest as well. Anton is very informative and as a chiro student I learned a great deal just from our conversation. I would highly recommend a visit to him to help assess your posture and how you move, as one small change could be huge!”

David R. - Portland, OR

“Thank you Anton, for everything! The technique you taught me when my lower back was hurting so badly has helped me immensely and I can’t thank you enough!” 

Carnetta B. - Corbett, OR

“Anton at Atheq changed the way I view the mechanics of my body in two sessions. I am extremely active, but I also sit at work more than half of the day. He helped me to realize that by activating my core and stabilizing my posture, I could not only reduce, but also eliminate my neck and back pain. Thanks, Anton!”


Justin B. - Portland, OR

“Anton was really helpful with coaching shooting, jumping, and running mechanics. He helped me improve my form. This in return has been part of the reason I was able to head to college and get scouted to become a practice player for a D1 College Basketball team. He’s very knowledgeable on his subject, showed by examples, and explained why these particular mechanics he was teaching were better. I would say since he trained with me I’ve improved on my shooting percentage tremendously. I’ve got a slightly higher vertical, and I know how to explode better when running. I think the most important thing he helped me with was my landing mechanics, which you could compare to Derrick Rose (Constantly injured). I’ve had a bad history of being injured, but since Anton helped change my landing mechanics I’ve managed to avoid injuries since!

I’d give 5/5 star ratings, excellent trainer, friendly, and I recommend to any athletes out there trying to improve on their skills and mechanics.”


Nick C. - Corvallis, OR

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